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Welcome to my North Wales blog

Welcome to my world

My name is Glynne

I'm a designer who loves North Wales

I’ve recently moved to Llanddulas, North Wales. I live here with my wife and darling daughter Katie who is 3 years old. We all love living here and feel very lucky to be able to call ourselves residents of North Wales. It’s such a beautiful place to live and there is so much to see and do around here. We have a beautiful home with a beautiful sea view that amazes us each and every day.

My first memory of the area is a really special holiday with my family to Llandudno when I was a young lad. Since then I’ve spent many happy years visiting and staying at my mum’s caravan in Penrhyn Bay.

My mother sold her caravan 3 years ago when she retired and she then bought a little bungalow in Rhos-on-Sea. She loves life in North Wales and has made lots of lovely friends down here. She is a member of a local choir (even though she can’t sing) and eats out more often than?

It was great being able to come and visit my mum and stay in Rhos, but it was always with a heavy heart that we drove back along the A55 to Oldham. So we hatched a crazy plan to quit our jobs and move full-time to North Wales. It wasn’t easy, but with help from family (thanks for everything Mum, Barry & Leslie) we were able to sell our house, quit our jobs and start our own design business working from home in Llanddulas.

There were times I thought it wasn’t going to happen, we had 2 offers on houses that fell through at the very last minute due to problems with house surveys. The dream finally came true though in March 2016 when we got the keys to our home in Llanddulas. It took a while to renovate the house to get it how we wanted, but a few months later we were in. There are still some things we want to do it turned into home really quick and the house really hugs us.

The biggest thing I’ve noticed is the people are so friendly and happy in North Wales. In Oldham people don’t seem to have any time and you seem to have to struggle for everything. Driving is tense, shopping is tense, walking down the street can be tense. The landscape is grey, buildings are grey, the sky is grey and everything feels cramped. Here you just feel like people have more time for you, people are happy, people want you to feel happy, the sky is blue, the air is fresh and the sea makes you feel free.


If you have any comments my blog and would like to get in touch, please let me know.

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