I’ve had a busy few weeks recently so it was nice to get out yesterday and celebrate St. Davids Day with my wife and daughter at Virgilio’s in Colwyn Bay. After picking up my daughter from playgroup we headed into Colwyn Bay for some lunch.

We’ve been to Virgilio’s in Colwyn Bay a few times recently and it’s one of our favourite restaurants at the moment. I find that consistency is really important in restaurants. We’ve lucky to have some really good restaurants and pubs around here in North Wales. But what sets the good apart from the great is consistency.

Last summer we were recommended a pub called the White Horse Inn in Llandyrnog by a plumber who was doing some work for us. We visited and really enjoyed the food and the service. It was a beautiful country pub with a quaint interior and interesting and varied menu. We visited again regularly over the next few months. Unfortunately, we made the mistake of ‘bigging’ the restaurant up to my mother. We visited with her, and I don’t know why but…

The service was slow, we were made to feel unwelcome and we just didn’t have a good time. The food was decent enough, but the experience really was spoiled by the poor service. We haven’t been back since, and probably won’t again.

We’ve been to Virgilio’s three times in the last 2 weeks and have been made to feel welcome each and every time. The food is excellent and there is a really nice atmosphere in the place. It’s clear that it is very popular too. Each time we’ve been in it has been pretty much full, and there has been at least one family or group celebrating special occasions.

The decor makes you feel like you’re on holiday in Portugal. The staff make you feel like there is nothing that is too much trouble, and they smile. The menu is great and with Italian and Portuguese meals on offer, there is something for everyone. The children’s menu is good too, my daughter had the carbonara. I’ve never seen her eat anything so fast. The Espetada dishes are superb. They are served on a skewer and hung at your table on something resembling a medieval torture rack. Don’t be put off by the torture rack, they’re great. The prawns are some of the nicest I’ve eaten in this country.

My daughter enjoyed her carbonara so much that we had to go back a couple of days later. They do a great lunchtime offer of 2 meals for £12 from a set menu. We’ll definitely be visiting again soon. It’s a great place to go for a special meal or if you have visiting friends.

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