We’ve recently returned from a family holiday in Playa del Carmen in Mexico. It was the first time abroad for my three-year-old daughter, and she loved the plane and being able to spend most of the day swimming.

We stayed for two weeks at the Riu Yucatan an all inclusive resort. The hotel was lovely, and the food was fantastic, it’s probably one of the best all-inclusive resorts I’ve stayed in for food. The resort wraps around a jungle, and there is an abundance of wildlife to be found just walking around the grounds. Monkeys swing from the trees, geckos and lizards sit around on the walls and paths sunbathing.

We spent most of our days by the ‘quiet’ pool, although it wasn’t that quiet with my daughter Katie screaming with delight every five seconds. For the first week, my sister and her family also stayed. We had a great time splashing in the pool and relaxing. My nieces Charlotte and Annie both enjoyed the water sports, kayaking and paragliding. My brother in law spent his time whizzing up and down on a jet ski watching us paraglide above him.

I was a little disappointed in the sea, I went snorkelling, and you couldn’t see anything other than seaweed. I asked at the watersports centre what I should be looking out for and the guy shook his head and said, “no fish out there”. My niece lost her GoPro in the water while she was kayaking, so if you go snorkelling keep that’s about all you might find!

We meet some lovely people around the pool, a couple from Colwyn Bay (practically neighbours!) and a family from Poole in Dorset. Unfortunately, there was also a large wedding party from London who couldn’t handle ‘all inclusive’ alcohol. They were drunk for the entire two weeks and tried starting fights with anyone and mosts days fighting amongst themselves and swearing and shouting. The problem we had with this was that there was no visible hotel security, so it was worrying what would happen if they got out of hand.

In the second week, we started missing home. We’ve only lived in North Wales for just over a year, so every day feels like a holiday living by the coast.

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