When it comes to my Instagram feed, it’s full of action pictures and food. The action shots show North Wales at its best with pictures of mountains, sunsets and seascapes. They make me want to go out and explore all the beautiful places and do exciting things. The food pictures make me hungry, and I want to taste the pictures. Oh, for a Willy Wonka edible Instagram feed!

Instagram is a great tool for marketing your business, over the last few weeks I’ve seen pictures on my Instagram feed that have made me visit. But how well has the Instagram Marketing worked for these two venues? They’ve definitely worked because we paid them a visit, but did the Instagram image match up to the real deal?

The first place I visited was The Olive Grove in Deganwy. They posted a picture of an amazing looking pink milkshake that I knew my daughter would love. She hadn’t been feeling too well recently, so I knew it would cheer her up to visit somewhere and get a treat. The milkshake was that big and contained that much ice cream and sprinkles that she couldn’t eat all of it. The milkshake looked just like the milkshake posted on the Instagram feed so top marks for that! The menu is nice and varied and we’d definitely go back and give it another try in future. Some of the breakfast options sounded great. There are some great views across the river Conwy to the castle from the front of the restaurant.

The second place that made me visit was a restaurant ‘The Grill’ at a new hotel in Llandudno ‘The Belmont’. They had posted some amazing looking pictures of grilled meat. As soon as I saw the pictures, I handed my phone over to my wife for her to take a look. The next thing Alison was reading the menu from the hotel’s website. There was a sharing platter of two steaks, ribs and pulled pork, served with choice of potatoes, salad and homemade slaw that sounded very reasonable at £29.95.

So I dropped a few hints with my mum, and she kindly agreed to babysit (thanks, Mum!). We went on a Friday evening, and it was a lovely sunny night. We decided to sit on the terrace outside the hotel for a drink before our meal. It was a beautiful spot to sit and watch the world go by. The first thing we noticed was the menu was different from the one publicised on the hotel’s website. The sharing platter wasn’t on and a couple of other things I’d had my eye on, some of which I’d seen on Instagram! I asked the waiter what had happened to the items we had planned to order; he said they had been trying to get hold of the company who built the website to change the online menu.

So after an initial disappointment, Alison ordered Chicken New Yorker which was a chargrilled chicken breast, topped with bacon and Monterrey Jack cheese, with chips, homemade slaw and chef’s BBQ sauce. I ordered the sharing starter of Jerked Wings and Ribs with a side salad.

After a short wait, the waiter arrived and said our food was being plated and would we like to come inside. The decor inside was modern and clean with some great artwork on the walls. Our food arrived at the table, the presentation looked great. My ribs just fell off the bone when you touched them; the chicken wings were small but tasty. The only problem I had with the meal was that there wasn’t much colour on the meat, the ribs had obviously been slow cooked. With the restaurant being called ‘The Grill’ I was expecting them to be either grilled or at least finished off on the grill.

If I’m honest, the food was OK but it didn’t live up to how I’d imagined it from the Instagram pictures. The service was good, the decor of the restaurant was great, the food was just OK. It’s a new place and it looks like they’re off to a good start. They’ve had some great reviews on TripAdvisor and they’ve certainly got the look and feel of the place right. All I’d say is just make sure your menu is up to date online and if you’re going to put pictures on Instagram make sure they match up to what you’re serving.

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