I had a nasty incident with a piece of, particularly chewy steak a few years ago. I was petrified as I quickly realised the chunk of meat had got stuck in my throat and I couldn’t breathe. I just stared in panic at my wife sat across from me, she stared back asking what was wrong. Time seemed to move very slowly. I could see from her face that she was beginning to panic too. Luckily I managed to pull the offending piece of meat from my throat. I was very lucky I didn’t force the steak further down as I learnt on a recent first aid training course.

This incident was one of the reasons why my wife wanted us to go on a first aid course. The other was my wife has wanted to go on a First Aid course since the birth of Katie. It’s harder than you’d think to find a decent first aid course. She’s been googling for the last three years trying to find a good course at a reasonable price somewhere local. The training always seemed to be expensive and lengthy.

Alison finally found a course that matched our needs given by a company called ‘LifeLine First Aid Training‘. I’d highly recommend them to anybody who has children. The training was well presented and lasted 3 hours for just £25 per person. Included in the cost, you all receive an excellent first aid booklet and a well stocked first aid kit. The trainer Chris is a lovely bloke who also works as a paramedic. So you’re getting the training from someone who not only knows what to do, he also has lots of practical experience (and stories).

We opted for the Basic Paediatric First Aid and CPR course at the Craig-y-Don community centre. I’ve been to the Craig-yDon community centre before for other things, and it is a great facility surrounded by tennis courts and bowling greens. The local community is lucky to have such an outstanding community centre and sporting facility.

On arriving at the community centre we were quickly into the training after a few general introductions. The training matter was obviously serious but Chris managed to keep things light hearted. We learnt about what to do in the aftermath of an accident at home or out and about. What to do if someone starts choking or collapses and what to do if somebody has a heart attack. Chris asks questions throughout the session to make sure people are keeping up and understanding. There are dummies to practice the CPR procedures on so you feel comfortable and can build up some confidence.

At just £25 it’s excellent value for anybody who would like some useful first aid experience.

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